6 Sinful Work Avoidance Strategies That Eat Time And Destroy Productivity

sinful work avoidance strategies

Work avoidance in your small or micro business can be very tempting…

When you’re tackling tasks that make you tired and take you out of your comfort zone you’d be forgiven for seeking a bit of light relief.

However, it’s just this sort of decision that will cause your productivity to drop and your big business goals to remain unachieved.

So what’s the solution?

Want to boost productivity?

Then work harder – as well as smarter. And it’s worth it.

A common trait of super successful business owners is that they routinely get more of the difficult stuff done. You know, the stuff that moves their businesses forward towards their goals.

So stop kidding yourself.

These six work avoidance tactics may keep you busy but you won’t be productive. And if you’re not ready to make some changes to your working day, don’t read this post.

1. Checking social media at will:

Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms are good for small businesses. However if you’re not careful, they can become a time drain.

When you’re doing something difficult it’s so tempting to “just take a look” but before you know it you’ve been sucked in.

Kick the ad hoc habit and instead schedule social media for a specific time of the day.

2. Lying to yourself:

Don’t kid yourself with busyness and don’t confuse being hectic with being productive.

In your gut you know if the task you’re doing is important or if it’s procrastinating what you should really be focusing on.

If it doesn't move you towards your business goals then why are you doing it?

3. Easily distracted:

Time management guru Dan Kennedy says “Put a stop to interruptions: multiply your productivity. It is that simple”

Here are some common culprits:

  • You look at an email the second it pings in?
  • You answer the phone as soon as it rings?
  • You run downstairs to see what the postman has delivered?

For sure these interruptions may be important, but they’re unlikely to involve something that really can’t wait. Distractions such as these cause your productivity to plummet.

And here’s the real killer.

It’s not just the time wasted as a result of the distraction. It’s the time you waste getting back into the 'productivity zone'.

4. Planning on a whim:

There are two problems with planning your day when you start work:

  • Instead of hitting the day running, you waste time figuring out what needs doing.
  • You’re more likely to pick the immediate tasks overlooking your bigger business goals.

Always plan your work before you finish the previous day.

You'll prevent faffing, ensure more doing and boost your productivity.

5. Taking on unscheduled tasks:

So you’ve planned your day and have a clear(ish) outlook of what you want to achieve. It all looks good until something else crops up and throws everything out.

However, you don’t have to automatically amend your plan.

Instead, where possible, don’t tackle unscheduled tasks. Instead add them to your list and plan them in for another time.

6. Failing to set deadlines:

Without a firm deadline, that task will endlessly fill the time available.

And that means you’ll get far less done during the day.

When planning your schedule set a start and finish time and then stick to it. Don’t be slack and allow yourself to overrun.

Instead stay laser focused and each day you’ll finish what you set out to achieve.

Over to you…

What’s your favourite work avoidance strategy? What do you do instead of tackling that difficult task? How are you derailing your micro business dreams?

Let me know in the comments below.

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