A Little Bit About Us

Hi, I'm Paul

Proud daddy to Isabella and Jemima, servant to Ben the mutt and self proclaimed 'love of her life' to my gorgeous wife Michele.

Am a little crazy bonkers about Liverpool Football Club and have an unhealthy appetite for tech and gadgets.

Definitely say 'split test it' and / or 'measure it before you fiddle with it' way too often.

Like: Sneaking out to the local coffee shop to work.

Dislike: Jam covered hands anywhere near a keyboard or gadgets.

Hi, I'm Michele

Very proud Mummy to my two gorgeous girls Isabella & Jemima, second in line of service to Ben (our obedience challenged) pet dog & wife to Paul.

I love taking my girls out, to play centres, farms, the theatre, even swimming, I'll pretty much anything that will entertain, educate or exhaust them.

Not a huge fan of sitting still unless films and popcorn are involved.

Like: Going to the gym.
Dislike: Not going to the gym.

Hi, I'm Isabella

I'm mummy and daddies little angel. I started school in 2013 so can now understand most of the words that mummy and daddy spell out hoping I don't understand what they are talking about.

I try so hard to be good (which I am most of the time) but am prone to the occasional 'paddy'.

Am very competitive, love my sister and my mummy and my daddy and everyone. No so keen on Ben the mutt though.

Like: Dressing up as a princess.

Dislike: Being told off.

Hi, I'm Jemima

For something so small, I'm told I am very opinionated. I am definitely strong willed for a 3 year old.

Love turning my back on daddy, folding my arms and going "Pah"

Ben the mutt is my best friend and he is usually found asleep under the chair I'm sat on.

Like: Going to the beach with no sand when on holiday.

Dislike: Being told what to do.

Paul, Isabella and Jemima Cox - SpinLessPlates

Paul with Isabella and Jemima

Paul Cox SpinLessPlates

Paul with (Michele's) hair

Michele and Isabella ready for Sport Releif

Michele and Isabella ready for Sport Releif

Isabella and Jemima

Isabella and Jemima

Dressing up as Anna and Elsa

Dressing up as Anna and Elsa

Jemima by the beach with no sand

Jemima by the beach with no sand

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