Spend Your Time More Efficiently On Twitter By Using Lists.

Spend Your Time More Efficiently On Twitter-By-Using-Lists

Twitter is a smart networking and sales tool for micro businesses.

But to get the most from Twitter you need to engage, entertain and interact with people.

And that means entering relevant conversations, initiating useful discussions and having a consistent presence in important people’s timeline.

But this objective gets trickier as the number of people you follow increases. As such Twitter can become cluttered and disorganised causing you to waste time filtering out the noise to get to the good stuff.

You need to take back control.

If Twitter is absorbing too much time, or if your effectiveness is compromised because of the amount of tweets you have to plough through, try using lists.

Collate and categorise key twitter profiles.

Instead of watching a cluttered, noisy timeline, lists enable you to choose relevant peeps, categorise them and watch as a block instead of trying to pick them out from your main timeline.

Lists can be public or private, and you can categorise them to fit the needs of your business.

What’s more, you can even upload your lists to the likes of TweetDeck and Hootsuite and watch “everything” from a single dashboard. It’s great for boosting productivity.

Three lists to explore.

But don’t go crazy with lists. Instead keep it manageable with 3 or 4 and see how they allow you to achieve more with Twitter in less time.

1. Client list (make it private):

By adding them to a list you can easily stay on top of what they’re tweeting about and ensure you use Twitter to help build a long-term relationship.

Here are some things to watch:

  • Be alert for what your clients are saying about your products or services.
  • Identify opportunities to support your client’s Twitter (or business) efforts.
  • Spot how you can add value to the relationship by answering questions, introducing people, etc.

2. Competitor list (make it private):

In business it’s important to stay abreast of what your competition is doing. Twitter is a great way to do that because you can:

  • Watch out for promotions and announcements.
  • See who your competitors are engaging with.
  • Monitor how they are attracting attention.
  • Check out testimonials from their existing customers.

3. Short / Important list (make it private):

(The “short list” is my favourite.)

If you run a small or micro business you’ve probably worked out you can’t do it in isolation. The network of people you build around you can have a huge impact on your business’ success as well as your authority and reputation.

For example, if you blog, getting a post noticed and shared by a key influencer in your field can have a significant impact on your traffic stats as well as your profile.

Therefore, in addition to monitoring clients and your competition, create a list of key people you would like to get close to. These should be people who can have a positive impact on your business. You may choose key personalities and authority figures, targets for guest blog posts, prospects for JV’s etc.

Then use your list to watch what these influential people are tweeting about. Read posts that they tweet, learn more about their likes, drivers and identify opportunities to open discussions, engage and build a relationship with them.

Then watch your business develop as you build a high value Twitter network that is actively set up to support your business goals.

Over to you.

How do you increase your efficiency on Twitter? What lists would you set up to grow your business? Please tell me in the comments below.

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