I’m Gaby and I own Sunny Sky Solutions - a consultancy practice based in Uruguay that helps UK companies looking to export or trade with Latin America.

"I want to work smarter - not longer."


I’m a very small one person business business and maintaining a good work-life balance is important to me. But it’s not always easy when you’re juggling client work with travelling as well as marketing, admin and everything else that’s necessary to run a successful business.

As my business grew the paperwork mounted up and caused me to lose perspective. I realised I needed a more systematic approach to help me win work and track progress.

At first I used Outlook to manage my contacts and enquiries. But it soon became messy and was not useful as a reporting tool. What’s more because of the lack of searchability it took too long to locate information. Next I used Salesforce for a year but it just wasn’t right for me. As a very small business it had far too much functionality and as such was unnecessarily complicated.

"I needed business management software that met my requirements."


In comparison SpinLessPlates is versatile, user-friendly and easy to work with. In fact I only needed a very basic understanding of the system to get going. And because it’s been developed specifically for one-man businesses like mine it lacks a lot of the complicated, irrelevant features common in the larger CRM packages.

"SpinLessPlates helps me achieve my work-life balance."


Since using SpinLessPlates I’ve become more disciplined and more productive with my admin. In short it helps me save time and work more efficiently. For example instead of trawling through emails or trying to remember conversations I’ve had with customers, I simply refer to the data I’ve inputted to my Enquiry Manager. It’s great how everything I need is easily accessible from a single dashboard.

I also use SpinLessPlates to help me hit the ground running. Let’s say I’ve got an hour whilst at the airport or an hour to do some marketing or follow up calls. Instead of wasting time figuring out what to focus on I simply review the data in SpinLessPlates.

For example I can:

  • Instantly see which stage different enquiries are at and decide who to contact.
  • View my task list to quickly identify the work I could achieve in the time I have available.
  • Search by sector or industry if I want to speak with a particular type of client.
  • Avoid trawling through emails or recalling conversations because I’ve got the details in front of me.

"Using SpinLessPlates has become a welcome habit."


As a small business owner I’ve found it’s not just about juggling different work tasks. Your own priorities are also at stake. And with SpinLessPlates helping me work smarter, I can now work less and enjoy more time with my family.

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