Hi I’m Tracy. I run the award winning TI Payroll and Accounting based in Barrow, Cumbria. We offer payroll and bookkeeping services to small businesses and are the largest provider in our area.

The TI team consists of myself and four girls. We focus on management accounts and offer a unique service whereby we help business owners keep track of their expenses and numbers so they know how well their business is performing at any given time.

TI has grown immensely over the last three years. I’ve taken on more staff and invested in town centre offices. In the past I could pretty much rely on my diary to manage and account for my time, but with a growing team, I needed a more efficient way to manage timesheets and track customers.

I tried Excel spreadsheets and whilst they worked, it was massively inefficient. It would take me a whole day to calculate the number of hours my staff had worked for each client so I could access my own profitability and bill clients appropriately. This practice couldn’t continue.

I needed a more effective way to track my staff’s time.

"SpinLessPlates is a massive time saver."


The Project Timer is my favourite function as it’s a brilliant timesheet tool. It’s allowed me to bin my timesheet spreadsheets because each member of staff can accurately record their own hours. Then at the end of the week I simply run the “time log by user” report and the information that took me a day to collect is there in an instant. It’s brilliant!

I also love the note feature as the girls can jot down what they’ve done – and because I can take a peek, I no longer have to ask them for progress updates.

SpinLessPlates has also allowed me to remove the pile of dog-eared business cards from my desk. Instead of sifting through the pile to locate contact details, I simply search my customer contact details in SpinLessPlates.

"I can see at a glance exactly what's happening in my business."


SpinLessPlates is also a great memory jogger.

It helps me track enquires and stay on top of live jobs. Without it I’d be physically lost. It even helps me run my weekly team meeting where we discuss how each job is progressing.

In addition, I use the Task Manager for things such as keeping track of deadlines for client’s annual tax returns. In addition, the Recent Activities Log means I can see at a glance when new enquires have been entered and quotes converted to sales.

"It's also helped me secure more business"


We get a lot of enquiries and I currently have around 200 active quotes logged onto the system. As you can imagine I couldn’t possibly keep a track of all of these in my head.

But with Spin’s functionality I don’t need to. Instead, each month, I simply view the active quotes in SpinLessPlates and then follow up the individual enquiries. It’s quick, efficient and helps me secure work which otherwise may have slipped my mind.

I love SpinLessPlates. It’s made my business more efficient and my team more productive. It’s a brilliant business management tool that I can’t imagine being without.

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