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4-Step Sales Letter Success Formula

Whatever you’re mailing, whatever you’re selling, the letter is where your direct mail will sink or swim.

There’s no shortcut to becoming a great copywriter, it’s all down to practice and testing.

So you might consider working with a copywriter for your letter but if you decide to do it yourself then check out the below golden nuggets:-

1. Use the AIDA formula


If your headline doesn’t capture your reader’s attention, you don’t need to worry about how well the letter’s written!


Your letter must arouse interest in your reader; accomplish this by detailing the benefits of whatever it is you’re writing to them about, or letting them read a testimonial.


One you’ve aroused interest, you need to create desire in your prospect. Include a special offer, free bonus or discount in this section.


Lastly, you need your reader to take decisive action, so make it clear what you want them to do, and give them an extra reason to encourage them to act quickly.


2. Write to an Individual    

Nobody warms to corporate chat, so make sure your copy is highly personal.

Write how you speak.

So few people do this. The relaxed informality will help immeasurably.


3. Would my Mum Understand?    

I make sure that whatever I’ve written is simple enough for my Mum to understand.

People often skim-read their direct mail, so simple words, short sentences, snappy paragraphs and bullet points allow them to get the idea quickly.


4. Personalise it    

As a bare minimum, you should try to get the recipient’s name into the headline, the salutation and again in the first couple of paragraphs of copy.


5. Does length matter?

There’s no such thing as too long, just too boring.


6. Don’t forget the PS

The PS is one of the most well-read parts of any sales letter. Everyone reads PS’s - so make sure you have at least one.

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