Are You Preventing Your Small Business Achieving That Big Ambition

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After speaking to many users of SpinLessPlates I’ve noticed something they all have in common.

The barrier that stops them reaching their big ambition is time.

Or rather lack of it.

And it’s a huge frustration for ambitious business owners.

Instead of moving towards your goals, the day-to-day drudge takes over. You get sucked into the none productive stuff and find yourself stood still (or worse, going backwards). As a result, your ambition seems like an illusion and your business stagnates.

This wasn’t what you expected when you started your own business.

Let’s flip the problem on its head…

  • What would you do if time was in abundance?
  • What important jobs would you concentrate on that you currently allow to slip?
  • What less meaningful tasks would you give up to create time for your big business goals?

You see, if you always prioritise the day to day stuff, and convince yourself there’s not enough time to work on your goals, you give that big ambition permission to drift away.

Lack of time is a poor (but commonly used) excuse.

It gives you a valid reason to put off those difficult tasks that stretch you and take you out of your comfort zone. Worse still it breathes disappointment into the heart and soul of your business dreams.

So do yourself a favour.

Stop using time as an excuse for not completing those scary tasks!

Remember. Time keeps ticking the same for all of us. The difference is how you manage yourself to make the best use of the time you have.

Make time for those business development goals. Whether it’s writing for the most popular blog in your niche, creating the marketing for your new service or talking with that expert about a Joint Venture opportunity just get it done.

In fact do this stuff before you do anything else. Do one task a day and make it the absolute first thing you do each morning when you start work. Then when the day-to-day tasks interrupt, you’ll know you’ve moved one step closer to that big business dream.

This structure will help:

A seven-step plan to achieve your big business dream.

  • 1. Get clear: Define your goal. Write it down. Make it real. Make it measurable.
  • 2. Smash it up: Break your goal into smaller, easier to achieve bite-sized steps.
  • 3. Map it out: What’s critical? What relies on the completion of other steps? Create an ordered schedule to focus you.
  • 4. Be ruthless: Remove any “nice to do” tasks which sap your time and add little value.
  • 5. Use deadlines: Give each task a ‘must be finished by’ deadline. Be ambitious but also realistic. There is no point setting a time target that’s in cloud cuckoo land.
  • 6. Make appointments: You would never miss an appointment with your best customer so make appointments with yourself. It ensures you get your work done.
  • 7. Just do it: Take a leaf out of Nike’s book and don’t procrastinate. Don’t get distracted. Instead keep focused on your goal and finish the jobs that take you closer to your dreams.

So over to you…

What business dreams have you allowed to slip? What goals will you now make time for? What targets will you set? Let me know in the comments below.

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