How To Build A Small Business – Baaaaa, Are You A Sheep Or A Business Owner?

Fustrated by getting on the wrong tube train

Apparently we have an instinctive herd mentality. ‘Follow the crowd’ and ‘Keeping up with the Jones’s’ are phrases I am sure you have heard throughout your life. On Wednesday in London I saw this up close as a guy followed the crowd onto a tube train and then realised he was on the wrong train…

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How To Keep Your Customers – A Bedtime Story With Noddy, Isabella & A Pet Chicken.

Bedtime for Isabella and Noddy

Every night I read Isabella books at bed time. It’s lovely to have quality time with her at the end of her day. Usually her chosen book is Noddy and his pet Chicken. After reading this book what felt like the hundredth time I found a hidden business meaning, how to keep your customers. Let…

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