Are You Making This BIG Mistake With Your Small Business Marketing?

small business marketing big mistake

It goes without saying that clients are the lifeblood of your business. After all, in the absence of a steady flow of fresh enquiries, failure will soon come knocking at your door. On the other hand you feel restrained by your marketing budget. And whilst you do have some time to work on your strategy,…

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How To Attract Higher Paying Customers So You Can Work Less And Earn More

Attract higher paying customers

Do you know which of your clients generate the greatest amount of profit? If you don’t, it’s really important you get clear because metrics like these can help focus your work and efforts in the right direction. That’s because if you want to work less and earn more you have to give some consideration to…

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Why That 12-Hour Working Day Doesn’t Make You A Hero, It Makes You Look Stupid

Working 12 Hours A Day Makes You Stupid

I need to get something off my chest! Something that really annoys me! It’s when people measure success using the wrong metrics. And the one that really gets my goat is that tendency to congratulate and be in awe of the person who regularly clocks up 12-hour days. I’ve been there and in hindsight consistently…

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7 Ways To Build Your Business Without An Internet Connection

Business Without An Internet Connection

My dream is to have a “business in a bag” that I can run from anywhere, anytime. And this dream is definitely a reality because I’m a HUGE techy fan. Wherever possible I use software and apps that are cloud based because they offer the flexibility I need to be able to work seamlessly around…

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Warning: Are You Unintentionally Giving Up Control Of Your Small Business?

Giving Up Control Of Your Small Business

In business, some days rock while others are awful. The good days are blessed with momentum, the ideas flow and you push past obstacles with ease. What’s more, it’s easy to get enough done to achieve (and invoice) your target hourly rate. But on the tougher, darker days the resistance is uncomfortable. You can get…

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Why Making Yourself Dispensable Is The Only Chance You Have Of Growing Your Micro Business

Office vacancy sign

A lot of micro business owners make the mistake of believing they are indispensable. In fact, they do everything they can to make themselves indispensable by: If you hold any of these beliefs – you’re making a clanger Let me tell you why… Just recently I wrote a post that encouraged you to figure out…

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How To Tweet For 10 Minutes And Give The Impression You’re On It All Day

twitter in 10 minute chunks

I love Twitter. It’s a fantastic social media platform to build relationships, spread your word and grow your small business. However, if you’re not careful, Twitter can turn into a time hungry work avoidance strategy and reduce your productivity. So if you’re finding Twitter has become an addictive time drain that’s distracting your attention away…

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How A Simple Change In Your Identity Could Skyrocket The Efficiency Of Your Small Business

Skyrocket The Efficiency Of Your Small Business

Can I ask you probably the most enlightening question you'll be asked today about your business? What is your primary role in your business? Is it: A.   Doing your day-to-day business work? B.   Being a marketer of your business? If you answered B, great stuff. But if you said A, read on to discover why you’re making…

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Are You Committing These 7 Very Expensive And Highly Inefficient Advertising Sins?

Highly Inefficient Advertising

With efficient advertising you can easily stand out from your competition. If you attract the right customer, you can see your advertising investment return a healthy profit. So if your advertising fails to deliver, could it be because you’re committing one of these deadly sins? Want to find out? Then read on… It can be…

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How To Travel Whilst Working ON Your Small Business

How To Travel Whilst Working ON Your Small Business

I believe time is my most valuable business (and life) resource. What’s more, despite what a lot of business owners say, I understand it’s something you can't control. After all, it’s you who decides how and where to spend your time but the clock keeps ticking whatever decision you make. Make the right decisions, prioritise…

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