Warning: Could Second Album Syndrome Erode Your Small Business Growth?

Small Business Growth

Mention the name Alanis Morrisette and what comes to mind? I bet it’s her internationally acclaimed, Grammy winning album Jagged Little Pill from 1995 (the one with Ironic, You oughta Know and etc.) But what came next? I asked around and very few people knew it was followed in 1998 by Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie.…

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How To Tweet For 10 Minutes And Give The Impression You’re On It All Day

twitter in 10 minute chunks

I love Twitter. It’s a fantastic social media platform to build relationships, spread your word and grow your small business. However, if you’re not careful, Twitter can turn into a time hungry work avoidance strategy and reduce your productivity. So if you’re finding Twitter has become an addictive time drain that’s distracting your attention away…

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Spend Your Time More Efficiently On Twitter By Using Lists.

Spend Your Time More Efficiently On Twitter-By-Using-Lists

Twitter is a smart networking and sales tool for micro businesses. But to get the most from Twitter you need to engage, entertain and interact with people. And that means entering relevant conversations, initiating useful discussions and having a consistent presence in important people’s timeline. But this objective gets trickier as the number of people…

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