Small Business Processes: A Big Mac, Fries And Super Sized Lesson In Consistency.

Happy Meal Wrapper

So when it is time to stop there is only one option, McDonalds. Trust me, I don’t go there for the food but for the amenities. They are clean, there is limited menu choice, they serve you fast and there is always convenient parking. They cater brilliantly for me as I am one of their…

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Small Business Ownership: Take Advice From A Very Wise Octopus Or My Mother

Grandma Isabella and Jemima reading on the sofa

Later in the evening I was reading Jemima ‘The Rainbow Fish’ story and at the part where the fish goes to the wise octopus for advice I suddenly realised the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people as a business owner. Put simply the people you surround yourself with in your small business have…

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Time Management Tip – Is This The Difference Between Donald Trump And You?

Donald Trump Book Collection

You may not have the hair. You may not have the money. But you and The Donald have one big thing in common. You both have 24 hours in a day, 1440 minutes, 86,400 seconds. He cannot buy a second more and neither can you. So how does he, and other successful business people, cram…

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How To Build A Small Business – Baaaaa, Are You A Sheep Or A Business Owner?

Fustrated by getting on the wrong tube train

Apparently we have an instinctive herd mentality. ‘Follow the crowd’ and ‘Keeping up with the Jones’s’ are phrases I am sure you have heard throughout your life. On Wednesday in London I saw this up close as a guy followed the crowd onto a tube train and then realised he was on the wrong train…

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