9 Reasons Lists Will Increase Your Small Business Productivity

10 Reasons Lists Will Increase Your Small Business Productivity

I’m a HUGE fan of using lists… Whether you choose your iPad, a software package like Toodledo or simple pen and paper, lists can change your productivity from OK to outstanding. Here are 10 reasons why… Lists get the tasks you need to do out of your head and onto paper (or some other fixed…

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Revealed: The Number One Productivity Killer In Your Small Business And How To Defeat It

Number One Productivity Killer

There’s a deadly force that’s nibbling away at the edges of your small business. And if you don’t take action, it’s set to disrupt your work patterns, erode your productivity and eat away at your profits. What am I talking about? Let me explain… We’re all guilty of procrastinating, or putting stuff off until later,…

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Small Business Owners: Do You Make These Five Mistakes When You Plan Your Time?

Do You Make These Five Mistakes When You Plan Your Time

As a small or micro business owner you’ve got a lot to handle. In addition to the “day job” you’ve got to market your business and find and keep customers. In fact, when it comes to work, you spin a lot of plates. And whilst you love what you do, you often tell yourself life…

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6 Sinful Work Avoidance Strategies That Eat Time And Destroy Productivity

sinful work avoidance strategies

Work avoidance in your small or micro business can be very tempting… When you’re tackling tasks that make you tired and take you out of your comfort zone you’d be forgiven for seeking a bit of light relief. However, it’s just this sort of decision that will cause your productivity to drop and your big…

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How To Increase Productivity In Your Micro Or Small Business In One Hour A Day

1 hour count down timer

I hate the phrase “time management”. It’s misleading. And actually, time management is a myth. That’s because however much you may want to, you cannot manage time. Think about it. No matter what you do that clock will keep ticking. In reality you can only manage yourself. Yes it’s scary, but actually it’s a good…

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5 Incredibly Simple Steps To Increase Productivity In Your Working Day

5 Incredibly Simple Steps To Increase Productivity

If you want to work less but make more money you need to focus your productivity. And although the following five techniques work, they require discipline. Are you ready to commit to using them in your small business? Do you know where to invest your time to get the best results? Here’s a simple technique…

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How To Work Less And Create More Time In Your Small Business

work less and have more time

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock. Do you look at the clock and think ‘how late” followed by “I should have got more done by now”… It’s a common experience. When you run your own small or micro business, lack of time can be a real problem and the clock becomes your number 1 enemy.…

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How To Build A Small Business – Baaaaa, Are You A Sheep Or A Business Owner?

Fustrated by getting on the wrong tube train

Apparently we have an instinctive herd mentality. ‘Follow the crowd’ and ‘Keeping up with the Jones’s’ are phrases I am sure you have heard throughout your life. On Wednesday in London I saw this up close as a guy followed the crowd onto a tube train and then realised he was on the wrong train…

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