Why Do I Have to Pay To Use SpinLessPlates?

You may be amazed to know that I have been asked this question several times so I’d like to give you the 3 reasons. It is a business and like yours takes time and money to develop and grow. I am building it as a business so Isabella can have a brilliant life and I…

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A Fairy Tale In How NOT To Sell – Disney Style

How NOT To Sell - Disney Style

I’ve recently got back from a brilliant holiday in Florida with Michele and the girls. It was fab. And as you can imagine, the highlight of the trip for Isabella and Jemima was the time we spent at Disney. Upon entering the Magic Kingdom we had just three goals for the day: And thanks to…

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Is Poor Time Tracking Losing You Money?

Project timer

Recently I had a very revealing chat with Georgina, one of my top SpinLessPlates users. She told me one of the things she loves about SpinLessPlates is how it’s increased her business awareness. Instead of operating in the dark, she’s using Spin’s live dashboard and quick and easy reporting functionality, to get a firm grasp…

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Never Mind “Just Do It”.Always Practise “Just Don’t Do It”.

Never Mind "Just Do It". Always Practise "Don't Do It".

One of my business heros, Jim Rohn, said; “Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money but you can’t get more time”. It’s a cracking quote that summarises my thinking here. You see I believe the key to running a successful business is the constant implementation of smart working practices that ensure…

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Here’s what business reports and football have in common

Here’s what business reports and football have in common

I’m gutted! The 2013 football season has drawn to a close – and what an eventful finale! Sir Alex Ferguson (more importantly Jamie Carragher) retiring, Mancini sacked and Wigan Athletic winning the FA Cup and then getting relegated all in the space of just over a week! Yes I’m a big football fan and I…

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Are You Still Using Invoice Templates And Business Spreadsheets To Manage Your Business? You Must Be Crazy Bonkers…

no more business spreadsheets

Do you know I’m shocked at how many business owners unknowingly use massively inefficient systems in their business. I warn you. I’ve got a pretty hard line on this and so I’ll make my position clear from the outset. If you’re using the likes of business spreadsheets in Excel or invoice templates in Microsoft Word…

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What Nickelback Can Teach You About Setting And Reaching Your Small Business Goals

Setting Small Business Goals Nickelback Style

Do you want to discover the secret to successful goal setting? You can learn in less than 4 minutes, by simply listening to Nickelback's Rockstar. It’s a masterclass of how the right questions can focus your mind to uncover the truth of what you really want for your small business, and more importantly how you’re…

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Stop Learning and Start Failing. Why Self-Education Is the Key To Achieving Your Small Business Goals

Stop Learning and Start Failing

I’m a huge fan of motivational quotes. And one of my favourites is this cracker by Jim Rohn: “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune”. I think this quote is very relevant to anyone wanting to create a successful micro business. Here’s why… Whilst I absolutely love running and…

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Warning: Are You Letting The Right People Influence Your Success Of Your Small Business?

Jim Rohn

You’ve probably sussed it… Being great at what you do is simply NOT enough to cut it as a successful micro business owner. In fact, you probably find the “technical aspects” of running your business relatively easy. It’s all the other stuff like marketing, planning and strategizing that makes micro business so darn challenging. In…

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How One Simple Question Can Accelerate Your Small Business Success

Does It Make The Boat Go Faster

I talk a lot on this blog about how to get the most out of your time. It’s something I both struggle with and I’m passionate about. But it’s really important because the things you choose to focus on in the time you have available will determine your small business success. So let me ask…

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