CRM Email Templates – How To Edit Email Templates

SpinLessPlates allows you to customise standard emails that can then be used in quotes, sales, purchases and invoices.

To edit the CRM email templates to read as you like please follow these steps (or watch the video below).

  • Click on the My Details button in More in the navigation bar.
  • Click on the Emails tab.
  • Select from the drop down the modules emails you would like to edit.
  • Press Edit on the email you would like to amend.
  • Edit the email Subject or Body Text directly.
  • You can import data you have entered by copy & pasting the field name as shown of right.

SpinLessPlates' custom CRM email templates lets you systematise and simplify regular communications with you customers and suppliers. SpinLessPlates lets you concentrate on enjoying your business rather than drowning in admin and paperwork.

CRM Email Templates - How To Edit Email Templates - Video

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