#4 of 27 Awesome Growth Hacks

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Differentiate Or Die!

To be successful in business you don’t have to be the best, you just have to be unique.

All business owners should understand this, no exceptions.

Your Unique Selling Proposition

A USP is something that differentiates you from all your competitors.

It’s what makes you so unique that people will choose to do business with you over any of your competitors.

Get this right and it solves any problems in business.

Now more than ever you must differentiate your small business IF you want to achieve big success.

Today there is an explosion of choices for consumers. When this happens the competitive landscape gets tougher and choices for consumers gets more difficult. To thrive in these circumstances you have to be seen to be different.

Identifying, developing, and incorporating your USP into everything you do is challenging, I know that. But the reward is worth every effort. It will differentiate you, distinguish you, and give you an advantage over everyone else in your marketplace.

  • The fact is, ‘me too’ businesses rarely flourish.

Businesses with no genuine real uniqueness usually end up in price wars

When a consumer thinks of buying a product, your name must be the first one that pops into their head

How To Identify And Develop Your USP

If your USP is a promise or guarantee then you must make sure that you can fulfil on that promise.

How do you pick a USP?

Well, my advice is that the best place to start is to first identify which needs are going unfulfilled within either your industry or your local market. I call these ‘performance gaps.’ Many businesses that base their USP on industry performance gaps are successful.

You could also have local performance gaps that will give you a great USP as well.

  • Your USP Doesn’t Have to be Unique.

Now, this might sound strange – but it’s not. Although a USP is a statement of your uniqueness it doesn’t always have to be something that is only unique to you... if you claim it first!

You can pre-empt your competitors if you take a strong benefit, whether or not it’s unique, and put your stamp on it first.

For instance, if you were a furniture retailer and you proclaimed your USP to be ‘Buy today, we’ll deliver it tonight.’ Most other competitors could do that too, but because you were the first to proclaim it

Integrate Your USP Into Everything You Do

Once you have put some careful thought to your USP and have developed it, you need to integrate it into everything you do.

Your USP should be found somewhere in your headlines, body copy of ads, direct-mail, and yellow pages.

Include it in your sales presentation, on the walls of your business and even on your business card.

You can’t over do or wear out your USP ...especially if it’s powerful.

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