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Make Direct Mail Work For Your Business

Even in technologically driven times, simple direct mail may be one of the most powerful marketing platforms available to any business.

You can deliver a highly-personalised box of tricks to a handful of hot prospects, or you could mail a handwritten and photocopied letter to your whole list.

Here are 6 Reasons Why Direct Mail can be so powerful:

1. It can be precisely targeted.

2. It can be precisely tracked.

3. It delivers a quick response.

4. It’s tangible.

5. It’s customisable.

6. It’s invisible to your competitors.

The more focussed your target market, the higher the returns you can expect to see from direct mail in relation to other media.

There are 3 things that 90% of successful direct mail campaigns have in common:

  • A good list
  • A strong offer
  • Compelling copy

The List

It doesn’t matter whether you buy a list, rent a list or build one from scratch; the mechanisms behind building a good list are always the same:

1. People who have money to spend.

2. People who have already bought from you.

3. People who have bought something by direct mail before.

4. People who have the same hobbies and interests as your existing customers.

The list is the most important part of any direct mail campaign. It’s also the bit that businesses tend to screw up; spending money and time on getting the mailer just right, and then rushing the list.

Your best list is ones that you've compile yourself. Your customer and prospect list you’ve built will nearly always be your best performing list.

The Offer

The second most important aspect of your direct mail campaign – the offer.

It is key to your success. Here’s some advice:

  • Make sure it’s exciting

Free is a super-powerful word to use.

HALF OFF is good.

BOGOF can work well too

Make sure it’s crystal clear - Don’t complicate it.

  • The Call To Action

Whatever action it is that you want your target market to take, tell them clearly.

Don’t make the mistake of giving them too much choice.

And make it as easy as you can for people to take action straight-away.

If you want them to call you, make sure your team are accepting calls for as long as possible.

If you’re asking people to mail an order form, response card or survey back to you, give them a FreePost envelope, don’t leave them rooting around for a stamp.

Your Outer Packaging

Nothing says “Bin Me” like a white or brown windowed envelope with a franking mark.

So you have a few options here to improve your chances of being opened:

  • Use a coloured or oversized envelope.
  • Hand write the name and address.
  • Use monetary value stamps rather than franking.
  • Include something that makes your mail ‘lumpy’ so it can’t be anywhere but at the top of the mail pile.
  • Send it special delivery of courier that requires a signature.
  • Use a postcard to get your users attention plus you can put your offer on both sides and it is pre-opened.
  • Put teaser copy on your envelope. Not subtle but gives you the chance to tickle the interest of your target.

And once your envelope is opened, don’t forget to use the 4-step sales letter success formula.

More on this in the next email.

Know Your Numbers

One final word on using direct mail in your business, and that’s to say that you need to know your numbers.

These are the key numbers that you need to be familiar with:

Response Rate

How many responses you received, divided by the total number of direct mail pieces you mailed.

Return on Investment (ROI)

The amount of money you made directly from your mailing, divided by the total cost of the mailing.

Breakeven Point

The number of Widgets you must sell to equal the amount of money you spent on the mailing.


Remember: ROI rules.

It doesn’t matter how much the mailing cost you, how big your list is, or what your response rate was. Your ROI is what counts. How much money did the mailing really make you?

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