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Harnessing the power of testimonials

Consumers have never been as cynical and as sceptical as they are today.

With hundreds of adverts and marketing messages battling for attention every hour, consumers simply don’t know whether your marketing message is hype and sales blurb, or whether it’s honest and genuine.

This scepticism is the reason why testimonials are one of the most powerful and effective weapons in your marketing arsenal.

People expect you to say wonderful things about your own products and services but when your customers say it for you though, people are much more trusting.

With great testimonials you’ll be able to:

  • Dramatically increase your sales
  • Significantly boost your credibility
  • Build a stronger connection with your customers

Getting Great Customer Testimonials

Here’s my step by step strategy:

1. It’s Never Too Early - You should always ask for a testimonial from a new customer, soon after they’ve bought.

2. Ask them to be Specific - The more specific your testimonial is, the more effective it will be.

3. Ask them to make it Personal - Personality works well in testimonials, it contrasts with smooth sales copy, and helps to make the testimonial memorable.

4. Focus on what’s Important - Knowing the concerns your reader will have will assist in making sure the testimonial hits the right spot.

5. Write them Yourself - You should consider offering to help your customers to write their testimonials. Email them your proposed testimonial - give them a couple of options – and make it clear to them that they are free to make as many changes to it as they like, or not use the testimonial if they’re not happy with it. This tip is a real biggie. Take control.

6. Say Thank You - Whether you’ve asked for the testimonial, or it’s arrived unsolicited, it’s common courtesy to thank people who’ve said something nice about you.

6 Ways To Get Maximum Mileage From Your Testimonials

1. In your adverts - Every ad you run should have comments from your customers saying how good you are.

2. On your website - You should pepper your website with testimonials – they need to be on your Sales Pages, on Product Pages, on About Us pages, even on your Contact Us Page and Meet The Team pages.

3. In a dedicated booklet - A well-produced booklet with 50, 100, 200 or more testimonials in it, with photos as well, will be a very powerful and compelling marketing tool.

4. On your walls - Put a handful of your best testimonials on the walls of your reception, office or waiting room.

5. In your direct mail - Never send a sales letter out without a credibility-building testimonial or two.

6. Everywhere!

You can’t have too many customer testimonials.

That’s why you should start asking for, collecting and using great testimonials in your business. Today.

Make sure you’ve got a process in place to ask all of your new customers for a testimonial within 2 weeks of them making a purchase, and write to all of your existing customers.

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