#2 of 27 Awesome Growth Hacks

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How successful entrepreneurs think

I want to give you a list of 10 characteristics of successful business owners.

1. “Motion beats meditation”

This is all about is making decisions. Only by making a decision and acting on it can you move forward.

Too many people wait to make a perfect decision. As a result, they stay in the rut thoughout their current life. This shows by the amount of business owners we all know who are Olympic gold medalists at ‘getting ready’.

If you’re to be a successful business owner then you MUST break free of your old reacting and responding habits and switch to being in charge, being assertive, and being proactive.

There are no limited choices in life in 2013. Not anymore.

All the resources and learning you need to achieve success are available today. No matter who you are, or where you’re from, If you choose to or not to use them, that’s down to you.

2. “A marketer, not a doer”

If you want to be a truly successful entrepreneur then you have to mentally, emotionally and actually crack this.


Read hack #1 if you haven't got this yet!

3. 100% responsibility

You own your business. That means that whatever happens to your business is down to you, period.

4. “Trying my best”

This phrase is the death knell to success as an entrepreneur.

Whenever I meet anyone in business who tells me that they’ll “try their best” I know they ain’t going to do it.

It’s a deep down psychological thing. If you “try” something, then, by its very definition, you’re not committed to its success.

You have to be focused and do the right things at the right time.

People for whom the results are less important, repeatedly come unstuck when the going gets tough.

That’s why if you “try their best”, you’re not gonna make it.

5. “You become who you mix with”

It was the late, great, Jim Rohn, who first said that “You become an amalgam of the five people who you spend most time with”

Successful entrepreneurs mix with successful entrepreneurs.

They don’t hang around with losers.

Find yourself someone (ideally more than one) who you aspire to be like, someone who has achieved what you desire and then find a way to spend as much time as you possibly can in their company.

Because it will rub off.

6. Passion

I’ve never met a really successful business owner yet who wasn’t completely passionate about what he or she did.

I’ve met plenty of business owners who are plodding along, but have no passion.

This is not a coincidence. The two things are inextricably linked.

If you don’t get out of bed each morning energised and excited about the day ahead, then you will never achieve the success that you aspire to. Only you know whether you’ve got this or not.

7. S**t Happens

The road to success is never smooth.

Things never turn out exactly as you’d hoped.

Resilience is therefore a key characteristic of all successful business owners.

There’s always someone willing to have a go, to criticise, to question, to tell you that you’re ‘nuts’ and it needs a special type of person to remain resilient and focused in the onslaught

You need to be that person.

8. Learning from the Best

There’s so much information and knowledge and expertise that is accessible now to anyone that wants to go and look for it.

It’s all over the place – but you have to go and find it, immerse yourself in it, and then implement what you learn.

The more open your mind is to at least looking at and understanding what others have done, and how they’ve done it, and how they think, the faster your acceleration to success and wealth will be.

9. “Do what you say you’re going to do”

People today are so used to being let down and disappointed by businesses that when you do the simple things that you said you were going to do, people are really surprised and value it out of all proportion.

It really can be a big differentiator, but it’s also an important principle that will guide you on the way to long-term sustainable success.

10. A Cheery Expectation of Success

Now, I’m not living in Disneyland, however super successful business owners (that I have met anyway) are all cheerily optimistic.

When bad things happen, an opportunity arises. No matter how bad today has been, tomorrow will be better. No matter how good this month’s sales figures have been, next month’s will be better.

I don’t understand the psychology, but I do know that the more positive you are, the more success you achieve. Think about it, how many miserable successful people do you know

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