How To Keep Your Customers – A Bedtime Story With Noddy, Isabella & A Pet Chicken.

Bedtime for Isabella and Noddy

Every night I read Isabella books at bed time.

It’s lovely to have quality time with her at the end of her day.

Usually her chosen book is Noddy and his pet Chicken.

After reading this book what felt like the hundredth time I found a hidden business meaning, how to keep your customers.

Let me explain.

Noddy and Big Ears find a chicken in the road.

Noddy befriends the chicken and they head off to do all his favourite things.

But the chicken doesn’t enjoy roller skating, eating ice cream, climbing trees or playing football.

The more the chicken doesn’t get involved, the harder Noddy tries.

In the end Noddy returns the chicken to its owner who lets the chicken scratch the ground and eat corn.

Noddy finds out these are the chickens favourite things to do.

All the time Noddy had been doing his favourite things not the chickens.

How to keep you customer and not be a Noddy.

  • Remember is not about you, it’s all about the customer.
  • Ask intelligent questions.
  • Listen to the answers, remember 2 ears and 1 mouth.
  • Find out the customers ‘pain’ and answer it.

Never forget in your customers mind, they are the most important person in their world.

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