Email And Contact Manager – How To Send An Email

Once a contact with an email address has been added, it is easy to send an email to them from any screen using SpinLessPlates.

Email your contact using the steps below (or watch the video below).

  • Press the Send Email button in the top right corner of the navigation bar.
  • Enter the contact name the email is to be sent to (and anyone you would like to send a copy to.
  • Select the related enquiry number, if you have one. This will link the email to the enquiry for reference.
  • Enter the subject of your email.
  • Enter the body text of your email.
  • Click the send email button.

SpinLessPlates integrates your email and contact manager so you can store and find related emails quickly. It lets you enjoy your business rather than drown in paperwork.

Email And Contact Manager - How To Send An Email – Video

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