Warning: Are You Letting The Right People Influence Your Success Of Your Small Business?

Jim Rohn

You’ve probably sussed it...

Being great at what you do is simply NOT enough to cut it as a successful micro business owner.

In fact, you probably find the “technical aspects” of running your business relatively easy. It’s all the other stuff like marketing, planning and strategizing that makes micro business so darn challenging.

In fact, I think being an ambitious micro business owner is a constantly evolving journey. And I’ve found it can be helped or hindered by the people you choose to surround yourself by.

This Jim Rohn quote does a cracking job of explaining why:

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.

Let’s unpack this idea further...

Who are you allowing to influence your future success?

If you spend most of your time with people who:

  • Are small thinkers
  • Doubt and undermine your ambition
  • Believe stuff isn’t possible

You’ll limit your comfort zone and find it more difficult to step up, be brave and implement the really hard stuff needed to achieve your goals.

In comparison, if you actively surround yourself with people who:

  • Are super successful
  • Stay optimistic, energetic and positive
  • Think big and make stuff happen

Your perception of what’s possible will be stretched and you’ll find yourself inspired with a vision of just how amazing your business could become if you had no doubts...

Does your circle support your business dreams?

So you see, if you want to be successful in business, you need to take note of your influencers.

And here are five simple techniques you can use to ensure you’re surrounded by the right people...

1. Know yourself

Being successful in business starts with you.

You need to know what makes you and what breaks you. For example, if you struggle with confidence, your goals will suffer if you stay around people who constantly tell you why you’ll fail.

Instead figure out the sorts of personalities and character traits that will complement and assist your growth. For example:

  • Rubbish with “self-promotion” - hang around confident people
  • Doubt your ideas - brainstorm with creatives
  • Struggle with motivation - speak to serial implementers
  • Thinking too small - cozy up with super successful business owners

You get the picture.

2. Learn from the BIG thinkers

Here’s a really easy way to stay inspired and ramp up your own expectations for yourself and your business. Simply tap into the knowledge and experience of thought leaders. You could:

  • Read books and blogs written by your industry specialists
  • See inspiring entrepreneurs speak in public
  • Listen to audios of change makers

For me, experts like Jim Rohn and Dan Kennedy make me rethink what’s possible, whilst their case studies reveal first hand accounts of stuff I’ve only imagined being achieved.

And then I remember... If it’s been done before, it can be done again - with improvements.

3. Get your family behind you

Your immediate family are going to play a BIG role in your business and its future. I rely on:

  • Michelle’s unquestioning belief in the potential of my business management software for the time and space to make it happen.
  • Quiet, early morning walks with my dog help clear my mind and focus on the day ahead.
  • My obsession with productive working to get quality time with my girls - even if my business brain stays alert for cool learning opportunities like this!

I think the key here is patience, understanding and communication.

It can be really hard for an employed partner to understand the stresses and strains of running your own business, especially when they see you doing stuff that isn’t directly billable during anti-social hours. So if you’re struggling with negative influence at home, be patient and work together to agree clear work-home boundaries. Also be careful what you share - especially if it’s a fresh idea that could be vulnerable to a doubting ear!

4. Join a Mastermind group

Nothing beats being around passionate, ambitious business owners with a shared vision for super success. I find my monthly Mastermind group led by Nigel Botterill uplifting, motivating and inspiring. I get quality insights about my ideas, honest feedback on my business and as a result the vision I have for myself just keeps expanding.

Mastermind groups can be a fantastic investment. And if you can’t find one suitable, consider creating your own.

5. Cull the people who sap your energy

OK I know this is easier said than done. But if the potential of your business is being suffocated by well-meaning friends and family who just “don’t get it”, you’ve seriously got to invest your time elsewhere.

And whilst it can be painful to say goodbye, it doesn’t mean you have to shut people off completely. Instead be more guarded with what you share or simply reduce their access to you.

And instead fill your time with those people who will challenge you, nurture your creativity and help you make all that amazing stuff you dream about actually happen.

But what do you think?

Are there people in your network who you know are damaging your potential? What tips and techniques can you share for surrounding yourself with the right influence? Please let me know in the comments below.

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