How To Travel Whilst Working ON Your Small Business

How To Travel Whilst Working ON Your Small Business

I believe time is my most valuable business (and life) resource.

What’s more, despite what a lot of business owners say, I understand it’s something you can't control.

After all, it’s you who decides how and where to spend your time but the clock keeps ticking whatever decision you make.

Make the right decisions, prioritise the high value work and you’ll set yourself on a course for success.

In comparison, if you decide to write off large chunks of valuable time you’ll stifle your progress.

It’s harsh but it’s true.

For example, what’s your approach to a 3-hour car journey? Do you resign yourself to getting nothing done? Or do you organise your trip to maximise those hours?

Let me explain…

Work ON your business whilst on the move…

As a smart business owner it’s your job to keep learning.

And I don’t just mean staying fresh and up to date with your trade or your niche, I mean actively learning about running your business.

And you can do that in your car.

Here’s how.

Instead of listening to the radio, decide to tune into the ideas and knowledge of some of the top business thinkers.

It’s easy to do. Simply visit Amazon or iTunes and purchase a couple of CDs or downloads. You’ll be spoilt for choice. For example:

  • 1. Listen to Tony Robbins and transform your business by tapping into your personal power.
  • 2. Absorb why small businesses fail while listening to the E Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber.
  • 3. Learn a really simple productivity boosting technique twith Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog.
  • 4. Hear Dale Carnegie explain How To Win Friends And Influence People.
  • 5. Discover the 7 Habits Of Highly Successful People by Stephen Covey.

In truth the options are endless.

And here’s what happens...

Instead of allowing that time to pass you by, you’ll learn some really deep new stuff.

In addition, you’ll start to think about how you can apply what you are hearing to your own business. You could even process the challenges and problems you are facing in a new way.

For example you could find yourself:

  • Deciding how to schedule your working day to get more done in less time.
  • Understand how to overcome your fears in your business.
  • Opening up a new way to tackle an existing problem.
  • Generating new marketing ideas on how to grow your business.

What’s more, you’ll also give your subconscious mind new information to process and use. Then, over time, you’ll find you start to tackle new problems with a deeper level of awareness and understanding.

You see, the more you read and learn, the more knowledge you have to draw upon. And the more references you have in your mind to benefit from.

And as a result you power up your business to be more successful.

So please don’t make the mistake of seeing travelling as dead time.

Instead turn those car hours into a dedicated learning time and spend it with voices that have the knowledge, experience and ideas to benefit your small business.

It’s a fantastic way to get more done in less time.

Over to you

What are your favourite audio business books? Which business minds have sown the seed of an idea in your business? How could you boost your efficiency by turning your car into a mobile learning platform? Let me know in the comments below.

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