Are You Still Using Invoice Templates And Business Spreadsheets To Manage Your Business? You Must Be Crazy Bonkers…

no more business spreadsheets

Do you know I’m shocked at how many business owners unknowingly use massively inefficient systems in their business.

I warn you. I’ve got a pretty hard line on this and so I’ll make my position clear from the outset.

If you’re using the likes of business spreadsheets in Excel or invoice templates in Microsoft Word to drive your back-end small business admin tasks then personally, I think you’re a little bonkers.

And it’s not just because thinking about MS Office makes me shudder, I have it on my computer, it’s because the whole set-up is highly inefficient for managing your quotes, invoices and other back-end tasks.

What’s more - you probably don’t even realise it because you’ve adapted your working practices around what you know - and after all it “does the job”.

But the truth is it doesn’t.

If you’re relying on Word and Excel for your invoicing, contact database, job book etc. Honestly, you are missing out on a stack on functionality that could significantly improve how you operate your business.

Firstly, I guarantee you’re wasting valuable time by pressing on with your business document templates.

And, secondly, your ability to manipulate, analyse and make decisions based on the data that you’re collecting is severely compromised. As such, you risk operating blind.

It means that without your knowledge, you’re actively undermining the potential your business has to grow and interact with your customers.

I think you can tell I’m pretty passionate and hot-headed about this stuff - so let me explain what I mean...

1. It’s inefficient:

I’m not denying you can create beautiful and professional looking documents in Excel and Word. You can add your logo and contact details, use a formula to calculate price and even customise the fields just for you. In fact, I know that countless people rely on this software to create quotes, invoices and statements for their customers.

But here’s the problem:

You probably have to re-enter data each time you create something. Now I’m sure you have better things to do than copying and pasting the sales information you’ve stored in an email or amending dates, job numbers and invoice IDs. In fact, if it’s an accepted working practice, you probably excuse and even accept the time this repetition absorbs.

Alternatively, because it’s a boring job (and let’s be honest, there’s always something more interesting and valuable you could be doing in the 10 minutes it takes to prepare an invoice) you may even delay creating it - and that can wreak HAVOC with your cash flow.

2. Mistakes are possible:

Next up is the possibility that you’ll make a mistake.

After all, each time you need to enter repetitive data you increase the likelihood of getting something wrong. For example, you could screw up the formula, sum the wrong columns, enter the wrong price, get the decimal point in the wrong place, use the wrong invoice number, even forget to change the address and contact details if you’re overwriting something.

And simple mistakes like these could have a detrimental impact on your customer relationships.

3. You’re missing out on valuable information:

Anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed by my numbers. I track everything because I understand the importance and value this information provides. And I want to know all sorts of things such as:

  • Who are my best customers?
  • Which is my best performing product?
  • Which service generates the most profit?
  • How much time is that job really taking me?
  • Where do my leads come from?

I’ve got a pretty long list of facts and figures that I need to understand. And I do this because my business maths drives my decision making. You see, if I know:

  • Customer X is my best customer, I’ll invest more time nurturing that relationship and building loyalty.
  • Product C is the most profitable, I’ll rework my marketing to generate more sales in that area.
  • Which services run at a low margin, I’ll reassess how I provide that service to make it profitable.
  • I’m underestimating my time, I’ll look at how I’m working to identify ways to be more productivity.

I think you get the picture...

Now I know that Excel has some analytical capability. BUT, you’ll need to manually work the data to pull out the stuff that’s really important.

And if you’re not a numbers whizz or if you lack the formulaic skills needed to embed the correct calculations, you’re more likely to only access the really easy numbers that are simple to calculate (such as your gross sales).

Your business dreams deserve more...

Now I get that when you started your micro business you probably didn’t give much thought to this stuff. In truth, you were more interested in finding customers and establishing your reputation than spending time on productivity and number crunching malarky.

But, now that your business is more established, perhaps you’re starting to:

  • Feel that your business management system is far from robust.
  • Get frustrated at the amount of time you’re wasting on quoting and invoicing.
  • Feel uneasy that you really don’t know your numbers.

And that’s where SpinLessPlates can have such a HUGE impact.

You see, SpinLessPlates is small business management software built specifically for micro business owners just like you.

So if you’re still using Word and Excel to generate invoices and track sales, or you started squirming in your seat when you realised the grasp on your numbers is pretty loose, take a closer look. I promise you it works, but don’t take my word for it. Instead check out what other micro business owners have to say, and then take Spin for a three month test-drive.

Now you may feel reluctant to change your back-end system. After all, you imagine it’s a bit risky and it could turn into a time-consuming headache. What’s more, why fix what isn’t really broke?

Here’s what Spin convert Georgina El Morshdy has to say...

“Being a non-techy and huge fan of my paper notes and Excel spreadsheets I firmly thought I didn’t need a system like SpinLessPlates. But how wrong was I...”

So perhaps the real risk is not giving it a go...

But what do you think? Let me know below.

P.S: If you’re ready to discover how SpinLessPlates is primed to transform how you manage your small business management, click here and enter promo code mad0513 to get 100% access to Spinlessplates for 3 months for £1.

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