Our Simple Privacy Policy

I feel that privacy policies should be simple rather than page after page of clauses, so here goes:

  • We won't, for any reason, pass on or sell your information to anyone.
  • No other user will have access to your data. Each system is installed separately to ensure this.
  • Occasionally the back end code of your software may have to be accessed but your data will stay 100% confidential and secure.
  • We will always provide a simple way of opting out of any email marketing or updates that are sent
  • We do store cookies on your computer as this is how each session is managed when you log in or when you access the website.
  • As with many small businesses, we market furiously to get our prospects & customers. Part of our marketing is the use of retargeting but I guarantee no personal data is taken within our retargeting campaigns.
  • We promise to never store your card details personally. These are stored with the payment processor which is SagePay

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