Product Software UK – How To Add Product Pricing

Adding pricing to your product in SpinLessPlates product software allows you to use this in your quotes, sales, invoice and purchase documents.

You can add multiple prices if you product pricing changes by quantity (1, 5, 10, etc) or by content (boxed, unboxed, delivered, collected, etc) allowing you unlimited multiple pricing options in one product entry.

Just find the product you want to add pricing too and click View.

Then add the pricing by completing these steps (or watch the video below).

  • Select the pricing tab in the product details screen.
  • Enter the minimum quantity that your price applies to.
  • Enter the buy/cost price for you product.
  • Enter the mark up percentage you would like to apply to your price.
  • Enter what this price includes.
  • Press the Add button.

You can add as many pricing lines as you require using different quantities or price includes in SpinLessPlates product software.

Product Software UK - How To Add Product Pricing – Video

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