I’m Diane Dolan and I run GED Laundry Chutes with my husband Neil. We make life easier for households and commercial settings by installing linen chutes. Our chutes save time by making it quick and easy to get laundry from the upper floors directly to the utility room - they even add a bit of fun to an otherwise tedious chore!

In addition to storing our customer contact details, we use SpinLessPlates primarily as a quoting and invoicing tool. It’s simple to use, good value for money and improves the efficiency of our admin process.

"With Spin it’s easy to send a professional looking quote in super quick time."


Our laundry chutes are totally bespoke and so potential customers usually want an idea of price. Therefore it’s important I can supply a detailed quote in a professional looking format. I find it leaves a better impression than a follow up email.

SpinLessPlates has simplified our quoting process.

  • To start with the various laundry chute components are listed as products with prices - each identified by a unique code and a description.
  • When someone enquires I generate an itemised quote by selecting the appropriate components and quantities from my product list.
  • What’s more, the quote is produced as a professional looking document which I can email directly to the customer.

Spin even calculates the total price. And because the quoting system is flexible I can add or remove VAT, input a bespoke price for delivery and installation as well as entering special instructions or comments.

"Invoicing is quick and simple too."


Then when someone accepts a quote I can instantly convert it to an invoice with just one-click. It means I save time because I don’t have to re-write all the details, and I like having an efficient, professional looking document to send to my customers.

"Spin is flexible, easy on the eye and simple to use"


Before we discovered SpinLessPlates we used Open CRM. It was an OK solution but because the system is more geared up for larger companies I got a bit lost and only used small parts of its functionality.

In comparison SpinLessPlates is much easier to use. You can action a lot from the main Dashboard screen and you only need to enter a minimal amount of data to get going.

In addition, it’s really easy to change and amend data. This is really important for our business because customers often change their delivery address (because the house they are enquiring about is yet to be built) and we need to ensure we have the most up to date details to hand.

For me SpinLessPlates provides a straightforward solution for my quoting and invoicing requirements that works - and it’s a good value for money. My business definitely needs it.

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