Hi I’m Georgina, a home working freelance business copywriter based in Plymouth, UK.

I work my business around my two small girls so for me time is a premium. I work while the kids are at school / nursery and although I try to limit late nights (to keep my husband sweet) antisocial hours are common. Therefore I need to squeeze in as much billable time as possible to ensure my business grows and remains profitable.

I hate admin tasks (ask my accountant) and I’ll always prioritise the stuff I love and enjoy like writing, blogging and idea generating over anything that involves boring, time consuming paperwork!

However, the crunch came when I realised my less than perfect business management strategy was causing me to lose out. For example:

  • I’d forget to chase up enquires and miss out on potential work.
  • The Excel spreadsheet I was using to track jobs had limited analytical capability.
  • I’d waste valuable time faffing with my word based invoicing templates.

But even worse, I had little idea which services turned over the most profit, how long I was spending on any given job and how much I’d made in sales at any given time.

"This lack of organisation and erratic business management was costing me money..."


And then I discovered SpinLessPlates.

Now I’m not a techy. In truth I’m a bit afraid of online tools and feel safe with my trusty pen and paper! However I was amazed at what Spin could help me achieve both within and for my business.

SpinLessPlates is way more than a CRM (and anyway I don’t need one of them because my client base is small enough to be managed in Excel). Instead SpinLessPlates is a comprehensive business management tool that’s intuitive, user friendly and designed specifically for micro business owners like me.

"I like the way the tool forces me to think about my business processes."


It’s much more difficult now to forget to about a lead because I can set reminders to follow up on a specific date. In addition, I can create and send an invoice at the click of a button.It’s brilliant for saving time.

But for me, what’s most interesting, is the outstanding reporting functionality.

Of course the reporting depends on the quality of information that I input, but I’m now empowered to analyse and assess my numbers in a huge variety of ways. I can quickly identify my best customers, where I get the most leads from, which invoices remain unpaid, how much time I’ve spent on a particular piece of writing to name just a few.

Thanks to Spin (and Paul’s helpful and friendly customer service) I feel firmly in control and equipped with the back office functionality, information and numbers I need to make the right decisions for my copywriting business.

I just love it.

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