Hi, I’m Jackie Broughton. I run Sylvan Bookkeeping which specialises in helping small business owners save time by handling their bookkeeping tasks.

I bill by the hour and so having a robust, reliable system in place to track and record my time is critical. That’s because I need to:

  • Accurately itemise and invoice clients for the work I do
  • Monitor my output and identify opportunities to boost my productivity

When I first started out I tracked my time using pen, paper and excel spreadsheets.

And whilst this system worked, it was time hungry and inefficient. I’d juggle different tabs for different clients, and find myself jotting down the work I’d done on bits of paper. What’s more, my productivity was compromised because I’d often waste time hunting around for my handwritten notes. I soon realised this makeshift system was not sustainable.

"It revolutionised my time accountability."


I needed a smarter solution and so I helped develop Spin’s Project Timer - and now I couldn’t function as effectively or efficiently without it. The SpinLessPlates Project Timer revolutionised my time accountability. In fact I think the timer is an invaluable tool for any small business that either bills by the hour or costs projects based on how long they will take to complete.

Here’s how I use it:

1.   Most importantly the Project Timer allows me to easily record my billable hours by client.
2.   I can even itemise exactly what tasks I have completed during a specific time period.
3.   I can add a time log retrospectively or use the live timer to record time spent.
4.   I can even track time for temporary staff so I know how much to pay them.
5.   Finally the search function enables me to quickly view completed work by date or by client.

Then, at the end of each month, I simply use the one-click invoicing functionality to bill each client directly from the time logs. It’s quick and easy. What’s more, because I’ve synchronized SpinLessPlates with Xero, my invoices are posted and reconciled with one click.

It’s also really handy that Spin is cloud based. Although I usually work from my Cheshire Office I will occasionally work at home or from a client’s premises. It means I can easily update my time logs from anywhere and so I’m always up to date.

"As a direct result of using the Project Timer, I save at least 3.5 hours a month..."


I’ve found SpinLessPlates to be intuitive and very user friendly. It’s just perfect for my business. In addition to the Project Timer I also make good use of the reporting functionality. The time logs are my favourite report and I just love how they give me an instant insight into one of the most important KPIs in my business.

What’s more, my clients are impressed too. Having such a well-honed time recording system in place has enhanced my professionalism, and my clients are reassured that I have such good processes in place.

If you bill by the hour, I’d highly recommend giving SpinLessPlates a trial run.

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