Hi, I’m Joanne Waltham, a freelance website developer specialising in WordPress websites for micro businesses.

I’m also a mum with young(ish) children and so I manage my micro business around the daily pressures of running a home.

For my business to be successful I need to get the most from my limited working hours. At times it can be chaotic juggling my latest project whilst staying on top of enquiries, scheduling new work and providing ad hoc support to existing client base - and that’s in addition to running a home. It means I need to work efficiently.

"My enquiry and quoting system was inefficient and cost me sales."


Before SpinLessPlates it was a struggle to stay organised. One of my biggest issues was I found myself spending far too long preparing quotes. What with discussions with potential clients to understand the parameters of the project in addition to estimating my time and costing plugins, themes and other bespoke requirements, it meant that as I got more enquiries, my amount of billable hours reduced.

Worse still, although I’d set up a “potential client” folder in my inbox to keep track of outstanding enquiries, I’d only occasionally look at it. It meant I’d often forget to follow up those quotes I spent so long preparing and therefore miss out on sales.

In short my time consuming quoting system, and inefficient follow up process was affecting my bottom line. Something needed to change.

"And then I discovered SpinLessPlates..."


SpinLessPlates has helped me streamline and speed up my quoting system.

I was able to work out my fixed service costs and set them up as products within Spin. And whilst it did take a while to load everything, I no longer need to start my quotes from scratch. Instead I simply enter the products required, tally up an estimate of time needed and an itemised quote along with a total price is automatically generated. I’ve found it’s a far more efficient and systematic way of working.

In addition, because all active enquiries are visible in my Spin Dashboard AND because I can set reminders, I don’t forget to follow up. As a result, I stay on the radar of potential customers and therefore increase my chances of securing work.

"Improved customer service"


Another really useful feature is the ability to bcc emails to your unique Spin address. These emails are stored by enquiry which means instead of hunting through my inbox, I can quickly locate messages. It’s improved my customer service and enhanced my professionalism with clients.

"It even integrates with my accounts package"


I also really like how SpinLessPlates can be integrated with a range of other popular software. For example I’ve set up Spin so it talks to Xero. When I create an invoice in Spin, it’s automatically generated in Xero. What’s more, when I do my reconciliation in Xero, Spin is informed and automatically updates outstanding invoices as paid. It means there’s no duplicate work - brilliant!

"With SpinLessPlates I feel much more in control of my business"


Spin has lots of functionality which has helped me develop smarter working practices. But it’s the live dashboard and reporting capability that I really love.

Seeing a live picture of quantitative information relating to the number of enquires, quotes, sales and invoices allows me to feel much more in control. Being able to see what money is in the pipeline, the volume of sales I’ve generated to date and any outstanding invoices empowers me with the information I need to make the right decisions for my business. It’s great.

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