Hi, I’m Linda and I’m the owner of Mobile Hair Extensions UK. I manage a team of 7 professional and highly experienced technicians who fit real hair extensions for women across the UK.

"SpinLessPlates proved the catalyst for introducing robust procedures to my business."


SpinLessPlates has been responsible for a new level of professionalism in my business. Before Spin my paperwork was very casual and informal. I had no method of storing and managing enquiries and my quotes would be typed out in an email.

At the time I didn’t appreciate the negative impact on my customers and my success. In short my absent paperwork and failure to follow up meant I was losing sales.

"Now Spin manages every customer enquiry – it saves me valuable time."


When a lead comes in I copy and paste the details into the enquiry manager. It means:

1.   I have a clear record of who’s interested in hair extensions PLUS
2.   Because I’ve captured the clients’ language I get a feel for their timescale and how serious they are.

I then have the information I need to prioritise my follow ups. And SpinLessPlates makes this easy. I simply set tasks and deadlines and then relax knowing all the customer information is waiting for me in one place. In addition, because I don’t have to remember details, names and conversations, I save lots of time.

"My professionalism differentiates me from the competition."


Most of my competitors don’t have such a professional system. Instead they manage their customer interaction as I used to with casual, informal communication.

Since using Spin I’ve noticed that sending an itemised quote with a personalised covering email helps build clients’ confidence in me. I think they feel reassured they’re dealing with a “proper business” and as a result they’re more likely to book and pay the upfront deposit needed to secure their hair.

"With Spin’s multiple user functionality, I can get other people working ON my business."


I also love that SpinLessPlates is cloud-based. Not only does it mean I can access it from anywhere, but because I’ve got multiple-user functionality it’s easy for my VA and bookkeeper to edit and enter information too. What’s more they don’t even need to be in the same location as me.

"Other CRMs were either far too complicated or much too simplistic."


Before using SpinLessPlates I explored Capsule and Zoho. And whilst they were both good systems, they were far too complicated. I’m busy and simply don’t have the time or the interest to battle the steep learning curve needed to figure out what’s what.

So whilst SpinLessPlates may not look so “pretty” I just love that it’s so easy to use.

In fact all the effort has gone into making the system workable and beneficial for micro business owners. In short it’s got everything to ensure my business is properly set-up to meet the needs of my business and my customers. I highly recommend it.

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