I’m Lucinda and I run Party Dexx with my husband Alan. We specialise in personalised wedding discos for couples in Bournemouth and the New Forest.

The nature of my business means I need a smart, efficient system to manage the number of enquiries I receive. When I first started out I was able to get by with an Excel spreadsheet. However, as the business grew, the spreadsheet proved ineffective. It became harder (and more time consuming) to manually track conversions and analyse the data I’d collected. In addition, there would be times when I’d forget to record contact details and so miss out on a potential gig.

"Something needed to change."


It was clear I needed a more efficient solution and so I decided to invest in business management software. However it wasn’t as easy as I thought. It proved really hard to find a system that was easy to use and did what I needed. In fact I tried 11 CRMs in total!

I dismissed a number of the CRMs I explored immediately. They were either too complicated or too expensive after the free trial. Let me be clear. I could have learnt how to use them. However I just didn’t have the time or inclination to do so because there was far too much irrelevant functionality. For example I used Zoho for a while. And whilst it was good, it did far more than I needed and so I found the system overwhelming and complicated. Capsule actually came closest to being of any use but because it lacked some of my desired functionality, it was too much of a compromise to stick with it.

"Then I discovered SpinLessPlates..."


After a quick familiarisation webinar with founder Paul Cox, it soon became clear that SpinLessPlates had the capability to do everything I was looking for. It was such a relief to finally find a solution that met my needs.

For example:

  • It can effortlessly handle my contact details
  • I can sync contacts with my email marketing list in MailChimp
  • With the enquiry manager I can see at a glance who’s booked and who hasn’t
  • I use the task manager to set reminders to proactively follow up enquiries
  • The one-click invoicing functionality makes it really easy to bill couples

"I regularly recommend SpinLessPlates to other small business owners"


Using SpinLessPlates has made a huge difference to the back-end operation within my business. It’s user-friendly, simple to use and ideal for very small businesses like mine. I just love having visibility of my numbers and instead of struggling to analyse my performance using an Excel spreadsheet, I can now see at a glance what’s happening. It’s fantastic.

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