Hi, I’m Nicola and I’m an internet software trainer specialising in Xero and WorkFlowMax. I deliver virtual and onsite training for individuals, small groups and even entire accountancy practices across the UK.

"Spin helps me effectively manage my enquiries."


I primarily use SpinLessPlates as my enquiry manager. For example I’ll use it to keep a note of prices I’ve quoted as well as recording any details I’ve discussed with a client. As such SpinLessPlates removes the need to write stuff down or remember conversations. Instead I can simply log in and quickly get up to speed wherever I happen to be.

Using SpinLessPlates has boosted my efficiency. Previously I recorded quotes as a draft invoice in Xero but this was seriously limited because it didn’t allow me to make a note of any specifics. In short SpinLessPlates has improved my customer service and because it reminds me to follow up, I’ve secured more work.

"As a software trainer, I’ve been impressed with how easy it is to use."


Moving away from the “notebook and pen” method of running your business can be a big step - especially if you’re not “technically minded”. What’s more, you may believe that inputting data into an online business software system could actually take you time instead of save you time.

However, I believe SpinLessPlates is really easy to use. Its layout is simple, logical and user friendly. In addition the straightforward navigation means you’ll instinctively know where to locate and input your information.

In short you won’t need to spend a long time figuring out how to get it working for your business.

"SpinLessPlates has the flexibility to adapt to your existing business practices."


I work with a wide variety of business owners and it’s always fascinating to see how everyone operates their business in a specific way.

The great thing about SpinLessPlates is it’s highly adaptable.

You can pick and choose the functionality you’ll use and enter data in a way that suits your business. In addition, if moving to an online software solution represents a big shift in your operation, you’ll find SpinLessPlates grows with you.

You can get powerful business benefits from using just a few of the modules, and as your confidence grows you can start exploring more features. For example whilst I mostly use the enquiry manager, I’m keen to experiment with the Project Timer as I believe it will help me get more clarity on the quantity of work I do but don’t always bill for (e.g. time on social media and ad hoc telephone support).

"I frequently recommend SpinLessPlates to business users."


SpinLessPlates is a great software solution for business owners who are looking for a simple to use, flexible business management system that has the potential to grow with them. And because SpinLessPlates doesn’t work in one fixed way, you can adapt it to suit your individual needs.

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