Hi I’m Nikki and together with my business partner Carl I run Digital Eyes Media based in Stoke-On-Trent.

Digital Eyes is an online marketing agency that specialises in helping small businesses owners get found online. We combine web design with SEO, social media and pay per click to help businesses increase their visibility, build relationships and attract more traffic.

"I needed convincing this was a solution I needed."


To be honest I didn’t think I needed a product like SpinLessPlates. My business was running fine and I was happy managing my invoices using Word. After all, it didn’t really take that long. In fact the only reason I took an interest is because I knew Paul and was curious to discover more about the business management system he’d created.

And thank goodness I did. You see I had no idea what I was missing until I started using the software. It’s fair to say that SpinLessPlates has massively transformed how I approach my business. From invoicing to pricing to time management, I now rely on Spin to provide me with the data and information I need to proactively grow my business and increase my profitability.

"Knowledge is power."


When I signed up to SpinLessPlates I was initially most interested in the invoicing function. I could see that Word was inefficient and that software could streamline the process for me.
To be honest I didn’t expect how the software’s other functions would transform my business management.

The Project Timer has been a HUGE eye-opener. I’m a working mum with two small children which makes time massive to my business. After all, the more billable time I have available, or the more I earn per hour directly impacts my overall profitability.

Before SpinLessPlates I had no real grasp on how long jobs took me to complete. As such I’d price jobs largely based on gut instinct and then judge my performance by reviewing my overall sales figures. At a glance it looked like my business was performing well – BUT I couldn’t tell you what my actual hourly rate was.

With SpinLessPlates I’ve been able to accurately track the time I’ve spent on each project. It was scary to start with because it soon became clear I had massively underestimated my time (and let’s be fair, I think most of us do).

Now I know how long tasks really take I’ve been able to put an accurate cost on each type of job. As a result I feel so much more organised and a lot more professional. It’s a much smarter approach than guesswork – especially when you realise how wrong you were.

"I know exactly where my best leads come from."


SpinLessPlates also enables me to access the effectiveness of our marketing. We can track and record where all our leads come from. It helps us to decide whether our local networking and other promotional activities are actually worth the time and cost investment. Again this is knowledge we’d previously assumed.

"It's so easy to use.


I was concerned about the hassle of setting up SpinLessPlates – especially because I was comfortable with how my business operated. However I needn’t have worried. That’s because SpinLessPlates has been designed specially for very small businesses like mine. The software is fluent and intuitive. What’s more because it logically follows the natural sales process, its integration into our working day was seamless.

The other huge advantage is with our multi-user account, myself and Carl can see at a glance what each of us have done. It’s cut out a huge amount of emailing and time-consuming phone calls because SpinLessPlates helps to keep us updated.

Since using SpinLessPlates I’ve realised just how much I was relying on my head to keep my business functioning. And that may be fine when you start out, but it’s not an efficient way to manage a growth.

With SpinLessPlates I feel on top of everything. My live dashboard keeps me informed of our performance, I can instantly see who owes up money and I can quickly identify which quotes need chasing.

And the price is remarkable. For a system that offers this much functionality you’d expect it to cost a whole lot more.

I didn’t think I needed SpinLessPlates, but then I had no idea how it would transform my thinking. And now I wouldn’t want to be without it.

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