Hi I’m Robert Peters, a small business coach and online marketing consultant based in Telford.

Like many micro business owners I’m currently working to expand my business. The nature of my work means the amount of time I have available for client contact is crucial. In short more billable time equals more profit! And so I’m always fighting it. In fact, the biggest challenge I face in my business is managing my workload efficiently so I stay ahead and deliver my promises. After all, it’s the quality of service I offer customers that makes all the difference.

In addition, to help my business growth I need to effectively manage the increasing number of enquires I receive with a system that helps convert these opportunities into sales.

"My paperwork was holding me back..."


Before I used SpinLessPlates, like many micro business owners, I used my self-designed paper based management tool. In truth this varied from scribbled enquiry notes on the back of the nearest envelope, to memos in Evernote to my Excel Enquiry Log and master to do list. The problem was, with ad hoc notes in so many places, I’d often forget things. This made my system time consuming, inefficient and inconsistent. Even worse my ability to follow up and close a sale was compromised.

You see I firmly believe an enquiry is never dead until it’s dead. It’s really important to keep subtly chasing and ensure you stay on potential customers’ radar because at some point in the future they may be ready to buy. And SpinLessPlates helps me to do this.

The thing I really like about SpinLessPlates is it has everything I need in just one place. I can enter all my enquires, tasks, quotes, sales and invoices into just one system. It’s much better than having data everywhere and as such I’m more efficient and focused.

Spin also helps me to manage my business and keep a close eye on the big picture, in particular the following key indicators:

  • Opportunities (or enquiries)
  • The tasks I need to complete to move enquiries closer to invoicing
  • Outstanding invoices because they impact on my cash flow and bottom line

The SpinLessPlates dashboard allows me to view all this data, LIVE, from a single screen.
For me this makes SpinLessPlates dynamic and very relevant to the pace at which I need to move.

In addition, unlike other CRMs and business management software systems you can leave data fields blank when inputting information. So if all you have is a first name and a basic enquiry, you can enter that followed by a note to remind you to follow up. Further details can be added later. It’s the perfect setup for busy micro business owners who want software that’s useful, intuitive and simple.

“As a micro business owner it’s so easy to drop a plate.
But with Spin, I can keep everything in balance”


Since using Spin my sales process and business management is far more manageable and efficient. In fact it actually helps to drive my business rather than slowing me down. I work far more effectively because I’m no longer wasting time hunting around for that note and as a result my productivity, and my business has seriously benefitted.

Thanks to SpinLessPlates I can stay on top of what’s happening in my business quickly and efficiently leaving me more time to focus on my clients. And because it’s so quick and easy to use, you may even find me logging in during the middle of the night to add a task or update an enquiry instead of relying on that notepad next to my bed.

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