Scheduling Software Small Business

In the purchases module SpinLessPlates has a scheduling tab that ensures each purchase your business makes runs a smooth as clockwork.

You can create a custom schedule in your My Details module under the Schedules tab.

To use the scheduling software small business owners please follow these steps (or watch the video below).

  • Go to the purchase order that you would like to apply the schedule too.
  • On the Schedule tab select the schedule you would like to apply to this purchase.
  • Fill in the dates (where possible) in the Due field and tick the Add Task box if you would like to add a task at this stage.
  • Note: You can add tasks later too once this schedule has been added so no need to select all Add Tasks in case dates changes once production gets underway.
  • Click the Confirm This Schedule button.

SpinLessPlates' scheduling software allows small business owners to systematise their purchasing and add tasks to their to do list automatically. SpinLessPlates lets you concentrate on enjoying your business rather than drowning in admin and paperwork.

Scheduling Software Small Business - How To Add A Purchase Order Schedule - Video

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