How A Simple Change In Your Identity Could Skyrocket The Efficiency Of Your Small Business

Skyrocket The Efficiency Of Your Small Business

Can I ask you probably the most enlightening question you'll be asked today about your business?

What is your primary role in your business?

Is it:

A.   Doing your day-to-day business work?
B.   Being a marketer of your business?

If you answered B, great stuff.

But if you said A, read on to discover why you’re making a massive mistake, with the potential to harm the growth and development of your small business and waste hours of your valuable time.

What is YOUR perception of what you do.

One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make is in their perception of what their role is.

Perhaps you think you are a baker, a web designer, a copywriter or an interior designer. You go to your place of work, spend hours doing the work and then go home. Then tomorrow you do the same thing. And so on and so on.

And whilst being an expert will help you prove your worth to customers, it’s not enough on its own, to build a successful business. Being a good “doer” of what you do means little unless it’s combined with being a good “marketer” of what you do.

It’s through your marketing that you ensure you have the continuing work to do, you meet the profit goals you set, and reach the business goals you aspire to. But that’s not all.

That’s because it’s through your marketing that all the magic happens. You can identify your ideal customers, shape your message to attract them and select the most effective media to ensure your message gets in front of them.

If you take all this good marketing stuff away, your business is going to struggle to attract the customers you need to make it profitable. Even worse, you’re likely to end up passively taking the work you can get instead of specifically targeting the businesses you’d most like to work with.

Subtle shift in mindset can have HUGE impacts.

Super smart business owners don’t see themselves as an accountant, a copywriter, a web developer or interior designers.

Instead they see themselves as a marketer who does copywriting, accountancy, web development or interior design work.

It’s a subtle shift but it makes a huge difference to whether your business reaches its goals or not.

They've stopped getting caught up with the day-to-day busyness of their business and made sure that marketing is planned in every day in their power hour. For sure you need to get the work done. But an hour a day focussing on your marketing, will be the difference between that lifestyle you wanted when you started your business and feeling like you have the worst JOB in the world!

Change your key focus and grow your business.

Changing your identity from doer to marketer will make a big difference to the efficiency of your business.
If you consistently ask yourself 'Is what I am doing helping me move closer to my business goal?' then you will find you focus on moving your business forward rather than running a busyness. This is the essence of working less and earning more.

Many business owners forget about the marketing because they don’t see it as their core job. But then again, many businesses fail.

But what about yours? Can you see the value of being a marketer first and a doer second?
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