SpinLessPlates – How To Import Using CSV Files

Enter existing data into SpinLessPlates by using our .csv import feature.

To import your data please follow these steps (or watch the video below).

  • Click on the My Details button in More in the navigation bar.
  • Click on the Import tab.
  • Select the module you have data to import.
  • NOTE: The modules are numbered on the drop down in the order you need to complete them .
  • Click the Download Template button.
  • Enter your data into the downloaded spreadsheet as per the on-screen instructions.
  • Click the Upload Template button and select your file.
  • You will see the data that is to be imported on screen.
  • Click the Upload Data button if all is correct.

You can upload images from this tab also. Make sure that the product images are names as per the product SKU code. If you have multiple images make sure the main image number is followed by _1, 2nd most important _2, etc

SpinLessPlates - How To Import Using CSV Files - Video

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