SpinLessPlates – How To Link To Dropbox

Link SpinLessPlates to your online storage solution Dropbox.

To link your SpinLessPlates system to Dropbox please follow these steps (or watch the video below).

  • Visit www.dropbox.com/developers/apps.
  • Sign in to your Dropbox account.
  • Click the Create App button.
  • Click on the Dropbox API app button.
  • Click on Files and datastores.
  • Click on Yes - My app only needs access to files it creates.
  • Put your SpinLessPlates name in the App Name field.
  • Click the Create App button.
  • About half way down the page is the App Key and the App Secret.
  • Copy the App Key from Dropbox and paste into the SpinLessPlates Dropbox integration API field.
  • Copy the App Secret code and paste it into the Dropbox field in your integration tab.
  • In SpinLessPlates click the Activate button followed by the Click To Authorise button.
  • On the Dropbox authorise screen click the Allow button.
  • Once the SpinLessPlates window reappears then click the Initial Set Up button.
  • SpinLessPlates in now linked to your Dropbox account.

You will see in your Dropbox folder a sub-folder called Apps in which are your active enquiry folders. Just put any file you wish to use in the email system of SpinLessPlates into the correct enquiry folder to access them. Everytime you add a new enquiry, Dropbox automatically creates a new folder for it.

Note: the folders stay inside your Dropbox folder even when the enquiry is turned off in SpinLessPlates. If you wish to remove them you need to do this manually.

SpinLessPlates - How To Link To Dropbox - Video

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