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10 Things You Must Do In Your Email Marketing


1. Send Interesting & Relevant Content    

Like any media, make sure that you provide your readers with the information they want.

People rarely unsubscribe because of the volume of email you send, they only unsubscribe when the content isn’t interesting to them – or if you get really salesy.

Just because it’s free to send, doesn’t mean you can get away with poor uninteresting content.


2. Avoid the SPAM Folder    

Spam filters generally score each email against some set criteria. To ensure that your email doesn’t find its way into the spam box, test it first. Most email marketing systems have a built in SPAM checker (I use MailChimp and it does) or do a quick Google search as there are many free ones out there.  


3. The Power of Personalisation    

Using your recipient’s first name in the subject line of your email will increase open rates, it will help your mail to standout from the dozens of other emails in the same inbox.


4. Repeat Email Communication    

Whatever you do, don’t just send one email.

I use auto-responders and find them a great way to automatically follow up with your subscribers or provide them with more information on your products or services.


5. Consistency is Key    

It’s important that all of your emails use the same look and feel. This helps your reader feel comfortable and familiar with you and it builds up trust.


6. The Subject Line    

When your email arrives in your subscriber’s inbox, they’ll make a fairly instant decision about whether to ignore, delete, or open your email. Their course of action normally comes down to how interesting, enticing and compelling the subject line is. You’ve got to grab interest, and force your subscribers to open the email.


7. Provide a Plain Text Version    

HTML emails look great, but sometimes they can be blocked by the recipient. Plain text, although not as pleasing to the eye, are rarely blocked, and most email senders allow you to easily create a plain text version of any HTML email before you send.


8. Statistics and Tracking    

If you’re taking email marketing at all seriously, then you’ll need to be looking at the reports for each email and testing to see how you can drive up your open rates and CTRs.


9. Targeting and List Segmentation    

A surefire way to drive up the responsiveness of your list, is to start segmenting it using the information that you know, into segments that will be relevant to your marketing. Readers will respond better to emails relevant to their needs and interests.


10. Include a Call to Action    

Just as you would with a traditional direct mail letter, make sure that your emails spell out exactly what you want the recipient to do.

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