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What business are you really in?

It might seem a ridiculous question to start with, but in fact it’s the most important question and it’s essential that we begin here.

You see, many business owners think of themselves as being in the business of whatever it is that they do.
For example:

“I’m a designer”...
“I'm a virtual assistant”...
“I’m a printer”...

That’s how lots of people think of themselves, as ‘doers’ of their trade, service or business.

The problem is, that most of them are

W – R – O – N – G

This was perhaps highlighted to me in Branson’s book “Business Stripped Bare”.

In the book, Sir Richard shares the inside track on his business life. For me, one of the most enlightning parts of the whole book is when he’s explaining about the start of Virgin Airlines. Basically, it took all the cash that Virgin had to get the planes sorted and the business established. There was no money left for the marketing.

Branson realised then what every ambitious and successful business owner needs to know now – that his job was not about the running of the airline, but the marketing of the airline. Unless he got his message out there, no one would fly on his planes.

It’s why he did all he could to get his name, and his brand’s name into the press. He couldn’t afford the big marketing spends of his competitors, but he knew that unless he marketed his airline effectively then it would, quite literally, never get off the ground.

It’s a vital lesson and one that all of us that aspire to business success simply have to grasp.

The fact is this: no matter how great your technical skills are or how innovative your product is, or how fantastic your service is, your business will wither away and die (like 80% of all small businesses do!) if you can’t effectively market and sell whatever it is that you do.

Be in the business of marketing what you do – not doing what you do – and the difference that makes is huge.

Now you understand what business you’re really in

– what should you do about it?

Here are some ‘high value activities’ that I suggest you should be doing some of on every single day.

That way you’ll know that you’re making the shift from ‘doer’ to ‘marketer’ and your business has a chance of getting where you want it to be:

  • Creating or developing something unique in your product or service
  • Studying marketing – either through these Blueprints, or going to an event / conference, or through reading the right books...
  • Building your personal marketing ‘swipe file’ (this is simply a file of good ads that you see and admire. Having a swipe file to refer helps hugely when it comes to creating new ads and marketing for your own business)
  • Finding new, targeted, advertising opportunities
  • Studying the marketing of your competitors and other businesses outside of your industry / sector
  • Writing sales letters and managing your direct mail campaigns
  • Training your staff how to present your current offers to customers
  • Soliciting great testimonials from existing customers and then deploying them in your marketing

OK, that’s enough – you get the idea.

You have to become your own Marketing Director.

That’s your job!

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