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Why your prices are almost certainly too low

Pricing is critical to the success or failure of any product or service, and in turn, the future of the business that’s selling it. If you’re selling at the wrong price, you’re missing out on profits, simple as that.

FACT 1: Too many business owners compete on price.

FACT 2: It’s a dumb strategy 

Now, there are some markets where competing on price is genuinely unavoidable, but before you think this lets you off the hook here’s the truth: IF YOU ARE IN A COMMODITISED MARKET... YOU NEED TO GET OUT.

I am serious, it will always be hard, you have very few levers you can pull to bring about any change and you will never get rich.

There are four big things that you should be doing in your business that will help you to increase your prices without your customers even batting an eyelid:

  • Differentiation - Differentiate your product or service from the competition
  • Premium Upsell - Offer a premium version as an upsell
  • Packaging - Bundle your product or service with relevant add-ons
  • Price Presentation - Present your prices in the right way

Differentiate your Product or Service

If you leave your customer to decide on their frame of reference, then there’s every danger that they’ll compare the price of your apple with other apple prices.

BIG mistake.

YOU must control the comparative judgement made by your customer. DO NOT leave it up to them to choose the comparison to be made.

If you deal with price resistance by arguing that you provide higher quality, better service, etc, then you will find it difficult to sell most of the time.

People do want good service and high quality but, they don’t enjoy paying premium prices for it. If you choose to fight that battle it will be hard and, in most cases, unnecessary.

It is much easier and much more effective to just switch the standards of comparison, to compare apples to oranges and then just “throw in” the high quality and high service at “no extra cost”.

Premium Upsell

1. In your adverts - Every ad you run should have comments from your customers saying how good you are.

2. On your website - You should pepper your website with testimonials – they need to be on your Sales Pages, on Product Pages, on About Us pages, even on your Contact Us Page and Meet The Team pages.

3. In a dedicated booklet - A well-produced booklet with 50, 100, 200 or more testimonials in it, with photos as well, will be a very powerful and compelling marketing tool.

4. On your walls - Put a handful of your best testimonials on the walls of your reception, office or waiting room.

5. In your direct mail - Never send a sales letter out without a credibility-building testimonial or two.

6. Everywhere!


Packaging your product or service up, and serving it as part of a bundled offer can be a very powerful way of increasing the total price. You’ll often see a bundle selling for more than the sum of its parts.

A great example of a bundled package is a McDonalds meal; burger, fries and drink. All packaged and priced so that few people only buy two of the three, because you’d only save a few pennies.

Bundling two or more of your products or services together is a great way to shift slower-moving items, but you don’t even need to limit yourself to bundling your own stuff. There’s nothing to stop you from a tie-up with a non-competitive business in a complementary sector.

Price Presentation

Presenting your prices in the right way is key to making sales at price points that your competitors can only dream about, without your customers flinching.

Here are a few ideas how to go about achieving this:

Individual Value Comparisons

This strategy adds up the individual values

of everything that’s included in your product or service, creating a ‘total value’ price, which makes the asking price look like good value by comparison.

Cost Avoidance Strategy

Focus on the cost of the potential problem rather than actual cost.

Monthly Instalments

In most markets, it’s possible to use monthly instalments to increase your sales AND your profits at the same time. Consider offering multiple instalment plans alongside a ‘best value’ single pay option.

All our lives we’re told to ‘play fair’ and that deep psychological conditioning in your subconscious may be holding you back now.

Forget all about competing on a level playing field, selling in a competitive situation is about finding or INVENTING an unfair advantage for yourself.

Never compete on price.

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