Why It’s Time To Get Your Business Head In The Cloud

Isabella looking into the cloud

Why did you start your small business?

Many SpinLessPlates users tell me they started because they wanted to work flexibly around their family commitments and spend more time with their partner and children.

That was certainly the case with me. In fact, the main reason I designed and built SpinLessPlates is because I wanted to spend more time with Michele and the kids.

However, I’ve noticed that a lot of small businesses never “get there” because they fail to adopt the tools and smart working practices that enable you to achieve a flexible business.

And so I believe if you really want increased flexibility, you absolutely must get your head in the cloud.

That’s because with cloud technology, suddenly it becomes an absolute possibility that you can work from ANYWHERE (with an internet connection of course).

And with that amount of flexibility, here’s what becomes possible...

1. Work from ANYWHERE with an internet connection.

I use cloud based solutions wherever possible. Google Docs is fantastic for creating documents, Xero handles my accounts, Webmail lets me keep in touch with customers, Dropbox lets me access my files, keeps everything on my computer safe and of course SpinLessPlates helps manage my CRM, quoting, invoicing, purchasing and sales.

In this way the cloud offers the ultimate in flexibility. Your office can be anywhere you want it to be and this mindset can create a big shift in your work-life balance. For example, I ran SpinLessPlates and Fings from Florida during our family holiday this summer. The kids got to enjoy pool time and some summer sun and my businesses remained fully functional as I worked with the time difference and around their routine.

The cloud can transform your work-life balance and you could find it key to helping you work less and earn more.

2. My “business in a bag” dream is a possibility.

This is another biggie for me. I love the thought of being able to have my business in a take away, carry anywhere bag. I need my iPad, Moleskine, mobile phone and a pen - that’s it. And the reason? I can access all my files, figures and information in the cloud wherever there is an internet connection (and where there isn’t, I have my Moleskine and do the type of things I describe in this post).

3. You’re no longer tied to your desk

The thought of being away from your desk shouldn’t stress you out. Just store stuff in the cloud and access it as and when you need it.

In fact, giving yourself the freedom to work from wherever you happen to be can totally change your outlook on what’s possible in your business. This habit works for me and now I feel totally relaxed and at ease travelling to a business mastermind group, brainstorming in the cafe before meeting up with the kids or mulling fresh techie ideas with my coder Martin.

Is your head in the cloud?

Some business owners feel uncomfortable about a move to the cloud. They can feel they’ve lost a little control or are worried about security and downtime. In truth, cloud based solutions are usually extremely robust and promise very high levels of uptime and security. So if you’ve yet to make the shift, perhaps now’s the time to consider it - especially if you’re committed to working less, earning more and freeing up your time.

And if you’d like to learn more about SpinLessPlates, the cloud based business management software I created for micro and very small businesses, simply click here.

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